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In psychology, vicarious experiences enable an employee to observe other colleagues perform well. In the process of observing them one makes judgments about one’s capabilities. Even a third-rate employee observing the one who outperforms inculcates the feeling to excel and rise. This is called the ‘model effect’. Once strong efficacy is developed in an employee all he needs to do to stay ahead is to maintain it. To go on benefiting from this effect employees need to go on making efforts consistently and persistently.

The ‘co-actor effect’ is the most beneficial effect if applied at a workplace with care and diligence. The senior officer must see to it that the colleagues who are like minded are assigned seats and tables in the same area. If those with different nature and not in tune with each other are placed in the same space then the consequences can only be negative. In the co-actor effect the colleagues learn and feel encouraged by seeing others only if they have a cordial relation.

The manager at the helm of affairs at workplace must see to it that every employee gets an environment which is conducive to the growth of his talents, skills and modes of efficiency. The officer’s or the supervisor’s simple visit to every employee, and a few words of praise would not only benefit an employee’s mental health but would also add to the overall growth and productivity of the organisation. Such is the value of ‘audience effect’ in a workplace scenario.

The ‘love-lorn effect’ at workplace does not necessarily mean the effect that the presence of a person of the opposite sex has on one’s performance. It is the effect that one feels in the presence of a colleague or colleagues whom one adores and respects deeply. The basic factor behind this effect is that one wishes to get the praise and appreciation from such a revered colleague.

Praise and appreciation is basically a human craving. It is not only desirable but necessary as well. The kings of yore would have such minsters with them who would praise them time and again. The psychology of effects at a workplace can be of tremendous use provided it is applied carefully and effectively. However, if it is used ignorantly, then may fail to bear any fruit.

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