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Don’t Let Your Career Slip Over A Pink Slip

Pink slips are not that uncommon in the current economic scenario. But unfortunately, one can never be too prepared for a sudden termination. Getting the pink slip is a nightmare for any professional irrespective of the designation or seniority. In addition to the loss of income, it has a devastating impact on an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. Feelings of anger, frustration and despair are common as well as understandable in such an event.

Nevertheless, negative emotions are not conducive to moving ahead. Take control of the situation by reinventing yourself and focusing on career goals. Reach out to family and friends for their support to get through the challenging phase. Most importantly take good care of yourself and maintain a positive attitude. You can join Personality Development Course because its very helpful to become stronger and more robust than human.

Admit the real picture

Being laid off is a stressful life-changing experience, irrespective of the reason behind it. Feelings of anger and sadness may last for weeks or sometimes even months. While there is a loss of income, the blow to one’s self-esteem is even more difficult to handle. If caught in such a situation it is best to stay calm and resist the urge to take any impulsive decision which you may regret later on.

Give yourself time to grieve the loss but avoid dwelling on the unfairness of the situation.

Another option is to keep a journal and write down how you feel.

Accepting reality and warding off negative thoughts are the quickest ways to move forward.

Personality development course in Chandigarh
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Involve family and friends

One of the biggest mistakes most professionals make is to hide the loss of job from family and friends. They fail to realise that unemployment affects not only them but everyone around as well. It can have a disastrous financial impact even in a double-income household. Moreover, immediate family is the closest support system that one can have to cope with the situation.

Spend time with each member and explain what happened at the workplace. Keep the lines of communication open by sharing your plans for job search. Also give them a chance to talk openly since they may have concerns about the future.

Additionally ask friends to look out for opportunities that would be suitable for your profile.

Join a support group

While family and friends are encouraging, they may not completely understand what you are going through. On the contrary individuals who have undergone similar predicament can be extremely helpful. They are definitely better equipped to empathise with your concerns than most well-meaning friends or relatives.

Join a support group for professional as well as personal foothold. Take advantage of the platform by letting off steam and sharing your frustrations.

Alternatively, lend a shoulder to fellow members and hear them out. Also exchange ideas about tapping the market and possible employment leads.

Additionally, attend workshops on personality development, resume-writing etc. Being around other job seekers will keep you motivated and on track during your job search.

Take stock of finances

An immediate concern that looms subsequent to getting a pink slip is the financial instability. Prepare a budget to identify monthly expenses that can be reduced or eliminated.

Involve the entire family so that everyone’s requirement can be taken into account.

Consider foregoing unnecessary purchases and reduce entertainment expenditure to minimum. Also prioritise the bills by paying essential ones like electricity, rent etc before. Another way to cut expenses is to negotiate with creditors for adjusting interest rate. Moreover, make it a habit to make all payments by cash to avoid piling up incoming bills.

Stay connected

Withdrawing into a shell due to embarrassment and shame is a natural reaction on getting sacked. Although a temporary comfort, it is not a long-term solution for coping with the job loss. Make an effort to surround yourself with supportive and positive people to keep your spirits high.

Since most openings these days are filled through word-of-mouth, networking has become more important than ever.

Reach out to ex-colleagues and let them know that you are looking for a job. Talk to acquaintances for making any introductions or connections that could help you. Staying connected will not only boost confidence but also make you feel in control of the situation.

Be positive

Personality development course in Chandigarh
Positive attitude is a way of Success

Although easier said than done, adopting a positive attitude can make a huge difference to get past unemployment.

Due to slowdown finding work may take longer than anticipated. As a consequence it is important to stay upbeat for bouncing back as quickly as possible. Holding on to negative thoughts will only make the whole process even tougher.

Focus on things that can be controlled instead of mulling over why the termination happened. Make a list of all your strengths, including skills, personality traits and accomplishments.

Accordingly set realistic job goals and formulate a concrete action plan. Furthermore constantly remind yourself that it is a temporary setback which too shall pass.

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