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Choosing A Right Career At The Right Time

Planning a career is precisely an important part of everyone’s life. It is a complex process which requires a complete thought process and keen planning. Before thinking about career everyone need a good personality and for polish your personality join Personality Development Course to bright your career and polish your skills of your Personality.

The two landmark of years in terms of time when a person should decide what he/she should become are: when you are studying in high school and are ready to decide which stream of education you will choose; and secondly when you are in senior secondary school, about to enter college, when you pick up the course of your choice.

Students in Class X aiming to build a career in the field of science/engineering /medical, aim for good scores to be able to get into the science stream in good colleges and schools, before they actually start preparing for the field they would compete in – MBBS, IIT etc. With increasing cut off rates for entry into colleges, there is also a mad shout for scores in PLUS ii.

Many students’ associates pleasure while choosing a course.”All my friends are trying to get into economics. What will I do studying science?” some might assume. However, it is important aspect for every student to take into account several questions before picking up a career for himself rather than just simply following friends.

Step1: Know yourself

Career Mangement
Career Mangement Skills are very helpful for career

The most important thing is to discover yourself. One should objectively generate the points about his/her interests, skills, aptitude, likes and dislikes and personality. This aim is best achieved when the assessment is carried out objectively by a third party. This helps in getting some undeveloped habits out which might act as barrier in career management. It may tilt the chances to reach the final height if this process is not carried out objectively.

A person can only shine in the field which he or she is the most passionate about and more importantly has the right aptitude and talent for their respective works. By not doing so, one might well spend a life doing work by not enjoying it.

Step2: Establish additional data

Once the objective data is established, impose other information’s like hobbies, aspirations, socio-economic and family background, advice from teachers, relatives and other mentors. After analyzing the complete set of data objectively some of the key personality features will emerge along with some options that a person can straight away toss aside.

If you are not cut for entering your family business, doing so will cause more harm than good – both to the business and to you. On the other hand if you are an entrepreneur – a resourceful person who knows how to turn any situation into a good business opportunity – you will hardly fit into any other career.

After tossing aside the options that do not suit you, you have at hand the possibilities and career options that you can try for yourself.

In order to minimize the chances of committing wrong and inexact decisions one should always support his or her decision by some expert’s advice and views by experienced people who know your personality inside completely.

Step3: Find careers matching your personality and talent

Once you know your key personality features, look out for career(s) where these personality features are required. This way there is a very high probability that the individual will succeed in his or her career and enjoy it at the same time. If you are a person with an artistic bent, there is no point studying commerce and hoping to become a Chartered Accountant. Look for careers that will nurture and help find a path for your artistic and creative talents. You can list animation, designing and even film making as your career options. On the other hand, if you are a keen student of science and love to immerse yourself in the concepts of chemistry, physics and mathematics, career options like becoming an engineer, a scientist, a programmer etc are open for you.

Step4: Find the path(s) to those career(s)

Once the career(s) have been shortlisted, the next step is to find the academic qualifications required to pursue those career(s). Remember there may be multiple paths leading to the same career. It would be worth an effort to note down all those paths and then select which is the most suitable for you.

Step5: Select your stream/course

Selecting the stream may not be a difficult task, once the career and path to reach it is decided. Identification of most suitable stream for class XI and appropriate course for the under-graduation studies is needed.

Following are some of the fundamental things that one should keep in mind before deciding the stream in Plus II:

Personality development course in Chandigarh
Choose perfect stream for build a good career

Choose a stream only if it interests you, if you feel strongly for it with an impatient desire to go ahead in the relevant field. If you are keen to study arts – history, literature, philosophy, but end up taking science just because everyone else is doing so, you might be on a wrong track. When you pick up a subject, make sure you are ready to give a part of your life in its pursuit. So choose a stream only if you have ability for it, don’t waste your time trying to become a good engineer while you have all the presence and qualities to become a writer. This will bring only frustration and regrets.

Before choosing the stream, make sure it has wide scope to build a good career in. For e.g., if a student chooses arts, with an aim to prepare for civil services/IAS/IES, he or she should have enough back up options for a career if they fail to crack the civil services or other government competitive examinations.

In short, choosing a career is like choosing a lifelong path for yourself that will not only be your source of bread and butter but will also encourages your intellectual growth all your life.

So one should always chose a career keeping various things in mind carefully and with undiminished sincerity. Follow your heart, rather than following your friends. But, at the same time, be mindful of the fact that you should be ready to experiment with a set of career options if your first love doesn’t result in fulfillment.

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